Queen City Soup

Queen City Soup Attendees

What is Queen City Soup?

“Queen City Soup” is a regional micro-grant program for emerging and established artists and community activists in the Charlotte metropolitan area. This quarterly event seeks proposals from local artists for projects in the range of $1500-$2500. The projects must have some tangible benefit to community, and projects that have a broad public impact are encouraged. Project Art Aid organizes the events, which include food and drinks, an opportunity to meet the artists, and a program where the artists pitch their projects to the attendees.

 Attendees pay $10-15 to attend the event, which gives them an opportunity to vote for the project that they would like to fund. The artist that receives the most votes wins the micro-grant consisting of all of the proceeds from the ticket sales. Grants have ranged from $900 – $1350, but we were recently awarded a matching grant from the Knight Foundation of Charlotte, which will double the size of the grants. Projects funded have included a documentary film project about homelessness in Charlotte, a recycled/re-purposed item fashion show, a children’s art’s festival, two school beautification projects, and funding for a non-profit organization that helps recently immigrated women learn fundamental language, financial and business skills. Additionally, we have created a community of grass-roots arts patrons, many of whom routinely come out to meet and support local artists in their community.

Why is Queen City Soup an Important Cause to Support?
By inviting members of the community to meet, engage and ultimately fund local arts initiatives, Project Art Aid is democratizing the arts funding process in Charlotte. The format of Queen City soup draws attendance from many diverse communities in Charlotte, communities that cross socio-economic, racial, age and occupational boundaries. By connecting the community with local artists in a social setting, we help foster connections, enrich the public’s understanding about local artists, and give artists an opportunity to understand the issues that are important to the members of their community.  Venues that have supported Queen City Soup have benefited from favorable advertising and name association to a broad population of arts and entertainment focused consumers.