Mission + History

Project Art Aid is a Charlotte based arts organization whose mission is to address the needs of communities through art.  

We Accomplish this through two primary activities: creating unique arts-centered fundraising opportunities for charities, and through promoting and funding local arts projects through innovative means like crowd-sourcing and social entrepreneurship.

We Are an all-volunteer arts organization that operates entirely through the contributions and efforts of participating artists and volunteers.

We Believe artists working in solidarity can address the needs of local and global communities. Through art we can stimulate positive change in the world.

– – – – –

Project Art Aid started in 2010 when Rosalia Torres-Weiner gathered a group of artists for two art exhibitions. The artwork sold in the exhibitions raised 3,000 dollars for the American Red Cross to aid survivors of the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. Since 2010 Project Art Aid has helped raise funds for the American Cancer society through the Project Art Aid Goes Pink exhibition and continue to organize grant-raising events for Charlotte art initiatives through Queen City Soup